Latifundist Media Launched a Website for Farmers

A new Internet resource about the Ukrainian farmers,, was launched by the Agrarian Media Holding Group Latifundist Media on May 19, 2015. is headed by Viktoria Yevtushenko, who joined the team in February 2014.

"Being a system investor in the agrarian information field, we strive to cover all segments of the agrarian media field. We have two specialized online media in our portfolio: for agricultural holdings and for grain storage and treatment specialists. The logical development step was the opening of an online resource for Ukrainian farmers," says Tetyana Prikhodko, Executive Director of Latifundist Media

And as she notes, now is the perfect time to talk about the medium Ukrainian farmer.

"The idea appeared in September 2014. We started actively developing it in February 2015, and by May of the current year, we launched a website about true farmers (kurkuls). We created it in order to tell about farmers as the basis of Ukrainian agribusiness, as well as to support them with helpful information. Our audience is agricultural small and medium enterprises, farmers by their landbank size and spirit," said Viktoria Yevtushenko.