Online Farmer's Assistant Established in Ukraine

image redefines the format of its work and transforms into an online farmer's assistant. The website was launched in 2015, and in a very short time became the main information tool for Ukrainian farmers.

By 2018, our audience count reached 1 million readers, and over 8 months of this year it has already made up more than a million! Today we are visited by more than 200 thousand unique visitors per month. Every fourth reader has added the website to his bookmarks, which we are very grateful to all fans for.

However, the agrarian market, technologies and farmers' demands are not static, they are changing rapidly. To meet the new requirements and be user-friendly, is changing its design and concept of work into an information and service website.

"A farmer in 2015 and a farmer in 2020 are two different people. Once we bought seeds and fertilizers by making calls to warehouses. Today we do it via an app on a smartphone. There were times when we had to find effective ways of delivering grain from the field, and now we are certified and exporting it ourselves. The level of challenges, their number and multiplicity are only growing. Therefore, the purpose of our new concept is to facilitate farmer's life creating an online office for him, where he will get all the necessary data, staying on one page," commented on the restart of the website the Editor-in-Chief of Mykola Syrota.

The new concept also involves the change of the website logo. The tagline "Main Website for Farmers" changes to "Farmer's Online Assistant."

Henceforth, services for an automatic weather forecast, monitoring of grain prices in ports, sales of plant protection products, machinery, fertilizers and production sites are available on the main page of

Among other handy tools added are constantly updated and supplemented guides to various sectors of agribusiness, the calendar of agrarian events, services from our partners — and, where regular readers will see updates to the status of their requests.

"In the near future, a feature will be added allowing regular readers to filter data on the home page, customize it so that during new visits only needed information will be displayed. For example, news on the selected topic or region, prices for a certain crop in the selected port, weather forecast, responds to vacancies posted on AgroRobota, etc. This will be a real personal desktop for a farmer," shares the website development plans Mykola Syrota.