News Issued Agricultural Business Game Latifundia in alliance with BASF Company, Limagrain, Massey Ferguson presents a board game LATIFUNDIA. Agribusiness Game.

The game begins with a Sowing field. In the process of the game, one can buy and sell Agricultural Assets (Agricultural Holdings, Farms, Ports, Factories), build Farms and Grain Elevator Complexes. A player’s capital will depend on the investment in land bank and assets, as well as on deals with other players. Gamers will have a chance to carry out the sowing campaign, buy agricultural holding, find themselves in the "Quarantine Zone" or try their luck at the "Field Day". In addition, players will learn about all the problems and processes the latifundists deal with every day.

The placement of agricultural holdings in the field is based on the data provided in the TOP 100 Latifundists of Ukraine rating on as of the release date of LATIFUNDIA. Agribusiness Game (December 2016).
CEO of Latifundist Media Tetyana Prikhodko noted that the board game is based on real business processes that the companies are involved in every day in the Ukrainian market.

"Our mission as a media is to support agrarians with information in every form. Therefore, now you see more and more of our projects that pay tribute to agriculture. This game is based on real business processes experienced by companies in the Ukrainian market every day. You are absorbed by this sphere from the first minutes of the game. We hope that everyone will discover a new perception of business processes, fulfill their secret commercial desires and spend good time with their families," said Tetyana Prikhodko.

We commend the team of the Mikhail Mukovoz design studio, sponsors, all agricultural holdings and farms presented in the game.
Starting from January 24th, the game will be available for purchase in our online shop for branded agrarian products,