FarmForesight and Held the First Agribusiness Simulator Winter Championship

At midnight on February 12th, FarmForesight and started the First Winter Agrarian Business Modeling Championship.
FarmForesight provides for a quick and efficient simulation of various scenarios for key agronomic, financial and trading solutions in crop production. The simulator also predicts their results and the impact of each solution on efficiency and financial performance.

39 teams joined the agrarian battle:In February, the teams demonstrated their skills in doing agribusiness online. The top four teams meet offline in Kyiv at the final of the First Winter Agribusiness Championship in early March.
The First Winter Agrarian Business Modeling Championship held by FarmForesight and was won by the Agrain company team. The winner team was awarded USD 10.000. The student team Calipso won silver of the championship. The third position was taken by the Urozhayna Kraina (MHP) team.