News Conducted the First in Ukraine AgroExpedition

The National Agroportal (a part of an Agrarian Media Holding Group Latifundist Media) announced on May 8, 2013, that it would host the first AgroExpedition in Ukraine.
The idea of the AgroExpedition was born as a result of obtaining unreliable official data on the condition of winter crops, which are distorted in the "district state administration–regional state administration–ministry" chain.

"Firstly, these data come to us, being distorted several times. Secondly, we get these data much later than we could have. This is how the idea of the AgroExpedition was born — it would be great to travel around Ukraine, to show our farmers the data on the condition of crops in real time, broadcasting directly from the fields," said the Founder of Latifundist Media.

Three crews participated in the first AgroExpedition,, ODA Ukraine and KPD, which started simultaneously from different cities of Ukraine.
The French agronomist Luc Laurent instructed the crews, and every day they should travel 300-500 km, stop every 15 km to analyze crops condition (quantitative calculation of plants per 1 sq. m with the use of special devices based on red and infrared light), visually assess the fields for potential losses of yield, fix GPS coordinates at the places of information collection. The team shall meet with local farmers to collect current information on the state of crops, as well as write an informative report on the work done.
The ultimate goal of the AgroExpedition is to give its own alternative assessment of winter wheat and barley crops in Ukraine.
The Holding plans to conduct several similar weekly tours a year on remarkable agrarian objects.