News Is the First Website About Agribusiness in Ukraine

An Agrarian Media Holding Group Latifundist Media launched on July 1st, 2011, a national information platform for large and medium agribusiness in Ukraine — a National Agroportal
The platform aims at providing the representatives of the Ukrainian agricultural market with free and reliable information for efficient agricultural production.

"From the very first day we set a simple goal — to become the main agricultural portal of Ukraine, to be the website to start a working day with," says Latifundist Media Publisher

In this regard, the team of the National Agroportal primarily focused on the selection of content based on practical and informational value. The purpose of the selection is to fill the website with the most useful, comprehensible and easy-to-use materials for the target audience.
The National Agroportal publishes the latest and most topical news, events announcements, photo and video reports. Moreover, the portal offers a unique constantly updated database of Dossier of Ukrainian and foreign agribusinesses — from owners of agricultural holdings to scientists, as well as the database of companies involved in the agricultural sector.

"We interview the most outstanding persons in the agriculture sector. These are businessmen, the Minister of Agrarian Policy, and an accordionist singing about harvesters operators. In the Lifestyle and Success Story categories, we light new stars at Agrarian Olympus, and in the Ratings and Infographics categories we present complex information in a very simple and accessible way," comments the team.