Latifundist Media Launched New Profile Website,

The Agrarian Media Holding Group Latifundist Media launched on January 20, 2916, a website about agrarian politics —
The website is headed by Natalia Bilousova, a freelance journalist for Latifundist Media since 2012.

"As a systemic investor in the agrarian information business, Latifundist Media realized that agrarian politics has become an integral part of agribusiness and the country as a whole. We strive to cover all segments of the agrarian media field. We have online media for agricultural holdings —, for farmers -, for grain storage and processing specialists —, and the rural newspaper "Ridne Selo". The logical continuation of the holding's development was the launch of another profile media —," says Tetyana Prikhodko, CEO of Latifundist Media.

She notes that now is the best time for the launch of this profile website.

"The Agrarian Committee is one of the largest in the sitting Parliament, the first agrarian political parties appeared, and many burning "rural" issues have arisen. In big politics, the voice of the agricultural lobby is louder with each day. The adoption of the budget for 2016 and the abolition of the special VAT regime became a vivid confirmation to that. is the first agrarian and political online media. We will show how important decisions are actually made in high offices and who is behind those," states Natalia Bilousova.

According to Natalia Bilousova, the website will focus on several topics: land market, taxation, legislation, GMO, rural social sphere and others.