Social Project Silskiy Revizor Started in Ukraine

The Agrarian Media Holding Group Latifundist Media launches a new permanent social project, Silskiy Revizor.
The Project aims at finding out in practice how much agricultural enterprises invest in the development of rural areas where they operate, assessing the weaknesses and strengths of social security packages by different agricultural holdings. The Project compares how much the villagers are promised to be paid when concluding contracts for the lease of land shares and how much actually reaches the community.
How are the revisions conducted?
The Silskiy Revizor team stays in the selected village, investigates the condition of the local infrastructure and writes a report. The focus is on the places where villagers live, study, eat, work, rest and fall in love. Silskiy Revizor will assess each object and hold an online vote for the best village of the year.

The Project started from the motherland of the author of "The Government Inspector" — the village of Gogolevo, where Nikolai Gogol was born.
A detailed report is available by the link (in Ukrainian).