Latifundist Media Acquired Ridne Selo Rural Newspaper from System Media Invest

In late December 2015, the agro-media holding Latifundist Media finalized the acquisition of the rural newspaper Ridne Selo. The full editorial staff of the newspaper became part of the Latifundist Media team. On January 13, 2016, the first Latifundist-style issue of the newspaper was published.
Ridne Selo is the second-largest all-Ukrainian rural newspaper, published twice a month, with a circulation of 11,000 subscribers. The newspaper was founded in 2011 by the media group System Media Invest. The parties do not disclose the amount of the transaction.
The newspaper's target audience includes people who are fond of living in the village and work on the land: land shares owners, tractor drivers, combine operators, pensioners, teachers, doctors, young people and sole proprietors.

"Undoubtedly, together with the Latifundist Media team we will become the No.1 village newspaper," says the permanent Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Elena Sukhorukova. "We have much to share with our readers because we understand our audience well."

"We started publishing the newspaper in late 2011," says one of the authors and initiators of the Ridne Selo newspaper, Petro Shcherbyna. "The high quality of the content and the correct understanding of our audience's needs ensured a stable growth of the subscription rate. I believe that under the management of Latifundist Media, the newspaper will get a new impetus to the development and establish itself as the leading rural newspaper in Ukraine. The newspaper has thousands of subscribers, an established audience and a high level of reader loyalty. And most importantly, it is a strong team that is personally familiar with thousands of readers and their concerns."

"Latifundist Media has always sought to cover all segments of the agricultural sector. Our portfolio includes — a website about large agribusiness, — for farmers, and — for grain storage and processing specialists. Only the villagers, land shares owners, were out of our reach. And the value of proper work with shareholders was already appreciated by both latifundists and farmers. The best way to reach the rural audience is, of course, the newspaper," says Latifundist Media CEO Tetyana Prikhodko. "We got such an opportunity with the acquisition of the newspaper Ridne Selo. We will develop this project and make the newspaper the main rural newspaper in Ukraine."