Our team is working on several online projects which are primarily focused on agriculture. We are the most advanced agrarian media group within the expanding Ukrainian market.

All of our projects are targeted at Ukraine. We strive to become leaders in each niche our company works in.

We develop a number of digital media projects about agriculture in Ukraine:

Latifundist.com –  the major agribusiness website in Ukraine. The target audience includes managers of large and medium agro-industrial companies, suppliers of equipment, seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, and buyers of agricultural products.

Kurkul.com – the main online portal for farmers in Ukraine. The segment of small-scale and medium farmers is fast growing, and Kurkul.com offers the best platform for them online.

Elevatorist.com – Ukraine’s largest website about grain storage. We strive to be the homepage for every grain storage specialist.

AgroPolit.com – the website about agrarian policy in Ukraine. The audience includes government officials, MPs and other officials, heads of business and public organizations involved in agribusiness.

SuperAgronom.com – a marketplace for seeds, pesticides and fertilizers, which also contains a lot of useful and practical information for agronomists.

Traktorist.ua – a specialized agricultural machinery marketplace. The audience includes engineers, tractor and harvester operators of agricultural holdings and farms.

Hliborob.TV – the first agrarian online channel, where the videos for farmers are collected: from field reports to interviews with top management of agricultural holdings.

Ridne Selo — the only printed publication which is targeted at shareholders.



Agrarian marketig agency that provides full-service advertising and consulting for our clients. We offer brainstorming, marketing strategy development, brand name and logo design along with a wide range of other marketing services. Marketing agency includes several directions:

  1. Mukovoz Design  – agrarian brand agency.

  2. LatiEvents – agrarian events agency.  

  3. LatiProduction – video and photo production studio.

  4. LatiPro – web development.

  5. LatifundiMag – online shop for quirky themed souvenirs.


Our partners:

  1. Zernovoz.in.ua – search service for grain transportation.

  2. Zernotorg.com.ua – grain trading platform.

  3. Zemelka.ua — farmland marketplace.

  4. Agrole.com — agrarian advertising service.

  5. FarmForesight – agribusiness simulator.

  6. meteo.farm – meteorological service for farmers.


Other projects about Ukrainian agribusiness that you might be interested in:

1. AgroExpeditions – weeklong farm tours dedicated to specific topics such as corn, wheat, potato, grain, elevators and much more!

2. Silskiy Revizor – a social project about Ukrainian villages that shows our community from the inside – its strengths and weaknesses.

3. Infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine – a unique handbook with the latest information on facts, figures and trends in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. It is published annually since 2014.


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