Our team is working on several online projects which are primarily engaged with agriculture. We are the most advanced agrarian media group within the expanding Ukrainian market.

We develop a number of digital media projects about agriculture in Ukraine:

1. Latifundist.com – the biggest and best website for agriculture in the country. Audience: Farm Holdings, small-scale farmers, farm managers, senior experts etc.

2. Kurkul.com – the main online portal for farmers in Ukraine. The segment of small-scale and medium farmers is fast growing, and Kurkul.com offers the best platform for them online.

3. Elevatorist.com – Ukraine’s largest website about grain storage. We strive to be the homepage for every grain storage specialist.

4. AgroExpeditions – weeklong farm tours dedicated to specific topics such as: corn, wheat, potato, grain elevators and much more!

5. Infobook – a unique publication with the latest information about facts, figures and trends in the agrarian sector in Ukraine. It is published annually.

6. LatifundiMag – online shop for quirky themed souvenirs.

7. LatiAgency – full service advertising and consulting for our clients. We offer brainstorming, market strategy development, brand name and logo design along with a whole spectrum of other marketing services.

All of our projects are targeted at Ukraine. We strive to become leaders in each niche which our company works in.

Feel free to contact us: prikhodko@latifundistmedia.com